Website Designing & Development

Every consultant at Sb InfoTech has rich experience of the numerous disciplines of website designing and that means the highly robust website we develop for your business will have a fantastic User Interface. We will ensure that the streamlined content and information touches just the right chords with your prospective clientele and the website also gets featured in the top results of search engines consistently. We provide SEO friendly creative and attractive website design services at very affordable cost. Donec venenatis, turpis vel hendrerit interdum, dui ligula ultricies purus, sed posuere libero dui id orci. Nam congue, pede vitae dapibus aliquet, elit magna vulputate arcu, vel tempus metus leo non est. Etiam sit amet lectus quis est congue mollis. Phasellus congue lacus eget neque. Phasellus ornare, ante vitae consectetuer consequat, purus sapien ultricies dolor, et mollis pede metus eget nisi. Praesent sodales velit quis augue. Cras suscipit, urna at aliquam.

Software Developments & Training

We do offer training sessions in following technologies: Programming Languages (C/C++ ) . Open Systems (Linux, Unix) . Database and Relational Database (Oracle, MySql, MS SQL Server etc) . Java Technologies (Core, Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, struts, J2ME etc) .NET Technologies (VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET etc) . PHP (LAMP) . Project training.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an offshoot of the ever-rising popularity of search engines around the globe. It incorporates all techniques aimed at bettering the quantity as well as the quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. To achieve this primary objective, search engine optimizers/consultants need to understand thoroughly, the complex mathematics that goes behind the design of the search engines, as well as the basic psychology of internet users according to geographical, age-based, gender-based divisions. To optimize a website for search engines, consultants make suitable changes in the content (foreground) as well as the code (background) of a website so that it develops a sort of affinity to the popular keywords of that time, and also remove obstacles that prevent it from performing better at the indexing process of a search engine.

Service We Provide

SB Infotech is pioneer for offering job oriented training with specialization in current on demand technologies. our innovative and proven techniques will assure your complete satisfaction of the training. We have trained thousand of students with a mission of one stop training to match your needs and requirments. Project work is a course work offered with real world challenges as a software consultant. with SB Infotech you can accelerate and certify the skills of a globally dispersed staff with standard courses materials through every stages of the IT learning curve.

Training Strategies

The aim of the training would solely be to enhance employee's skills and knowledge, to help them perform their jobs effectively and to educate them for technical problems.

Placement Recruitments

SB Infotech Recruitments is a fast growing HUMAN RESOURCES specializing exclusively in the permanent placement of personnel. It is promoted by a set of professionals from the industry having strong domain expertise with plenty of potential. With our extensive hands on experience in these fields and our wide network of contacts in the industry. SB Infotech is perfectly positioned to assist any company in finding the right candidate or finding any candidate the perfect job. Our strong faith in our virtues and our commitment towards our client makes our process of procurement of resources different from a typical placement agency. SB Infotech has a set process of procuring resources from the industry by way of headhunting, referencing, advertisements, and mobilizing resources through leading job websites. All candidates are screened according to your specific job requirements and the prospective candidate's potential and abilities. Reference checks are also done on all candidates and can be made available on request.

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